New social co-operation model - raising employees involvement in the company's financial management and economic performance No. VS/2015/0382


Project Management and Training Center (PVMC) with partners: Estonian Employers Confederation (EEC) (Estija), Free trade union confederation of Latvia (FTUL) (Latvija), Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK), Vilnius Industry and Business Association (VPVA), Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK), NORDBILDUNG Bildungsverbund gGmbH fur die Metall- und Elektroindustrie gemeinnutzige GmbH (NORDBILDUNG) (Vokietija) are jointly implementing the project “New social co-operation model - raising employees involvement in the company's financial management and economic performance” No. VS/2015/0382

Project is funded by the European Commission, Project Management and tarining center (PVMC) and partners.


There are only 10 EU countries, including Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, where there is no legal basis for employees involvement in the financial economic management of the enterprise. The three Baltic countries that joined the European Union have chosen the European social model. At the moment, it is the right time for the Baltic countries to implement a social development model that includes social partnership and one of its forms - employee participation in the financial and economic management of the enterprises. In Germany, employees participation in the management of the enterprises is legitimate. This activity aims to strengthen national and international cooperation between employees and employers' representatives. In this project, German partners will share their best practices and insights with Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. The inclusion of employees in the enterprises economic financial management aims at promoting and strengthening the implementation of Directive 2002/14 / EC, which includes EU legislation on employees participation at national level and Directive 2009/38 / EC, which includes EU legislation on employees participation at international level in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The main objectives of the project are:
a) to promote the exchange of information and good practices aimed at creating favorable conditions for employees to participate in the economic financial management of the enterprises. (NORDBILDUNG from Germany will share best practices and insights);
b) Encourage the social partners and project participants to introduce themselves with the content of EU law on employees participation in enterprises management so that they know and can exercise their rights and responsibilities in this area;
c) Share experience, promote cooperation between social partners and stakeholders promoting cooperation with European Union institutions in implementing and improving the effectiveness of EU law on employees participation in management in the Baltic region.

There are large number of multinational enterprises and subsidiaries in the Baltic States, so taking over both national and international employees participation experience in management of enterprises is very important. Project partners like BUSINESSEUROPE, ETUC, EZA are active in international structures and can help develop the structure of this project by sharing good practice. The main goal is to provide experience and trainings for end-users, to strengthen employees involvement in enterprises management in the Baltic region. The actions envisaged in the project to promote economic growth of enterprises, aim at adapting employees to new challenges, and to adapt employees and employers to changes in the European social dialogue, as well as to contribute to Europe 2020 objectives and aspirations inplementation.


Project duration: 2016-02-01 – 2017-04-30

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