Project „Three generations. Three stories. Three possibilities.

Nr. 12.0.1-CPVA-K-204-01-0001


12 Priority. Technical assistance to inform and evaluate the action programme. 12.0.1-CPVA-K-204 communication on EU investment


Project implementers:  Project Management and Training Center together with a partner "There is a country"

Project period: 2018-02-20 – 2019-01-31

Objective of project: To encourage citizens to gain interest in the EU Structural Funds investments, their influence, changes and results. And the benefits to the country, the region, the citizen.


To achieve this objective, a short educational film with a storyline that connects three generations will be created. The film will be shown in film halls of three municipalities, the discussion after the movie will be about the situation of the EU Structural Funds in Lithuania. Their impact on the state and national contexts, as well as the quiz. The information campaign is intended to prepare and broadcast television and radio reports and to organize visits to the municipalities in which the film will be distributed.


About Project


In order for the society to positively accept the results of EU structural funds investment, it is very important to provide attractive and educational information and the benefits provided by EU funds to every Lithuanian citizen, to make it possible to discover the place of each person in this process. One of the most attractive forms of transfer of information is when a person realizes that they are part of the process and how them touches specifically the EU investment result.

Project activities. During the project implementation a movie will be created. The plot will cover three-generation stories of one family on the opportunities created by EU Structural funds to improve their socio-economic quality of life. The movie will have three storylines: the first is the seniors generation associated with EU funds for activities in which seniors are actively involved; secondly, the members of the middle-generation families are linked to funds for employment and community-based issues; the third one - with young people who are given new opportunities under EU-funded projects Youth Guarantees, etc. The movie also will provide short statistical information on the total use of EU Structural funds and in the specific municipality involved by the film. The movie is not only educational, but also informational, showing through a family history, the value of EU investment added to the municipality and a particular citizen. The duration of the movie is at least 25 minutes long.

The project will develop and broadcast TV reports about the opportunities offered by EU structural assistance funds opportunities and the prioritisation of their distribution. As the project will be located at national level and will be oriented towards all municipalities, the information about the film and events also will be on the radio. TV plots and radio reports will present the issues of EU support, events related to EU support, information on EU structural support in Lithuania, compared to other EU countries. The reportages will provide information on the benefits of EU support for people, self-government and the state. At the end of the project, three Lithuanian municipalities will hold final informational-educational events/debates for the public about the benefits of EU support. Events will be moderated by the well-known peoples (artists, politicians, public figures, etc.). The events will take place in the form of a discussion club in cinema theaters, during which created film will be presented. The events will also include quizzes that actively involves the participants and encourage wider access to the opportunities offered by the EU structural Funds. For film and events services will be involved volunteers from the youth organisations of that municipality, as well as other volunteers who will disseminate information about the ongoing events.



The project is partly funded by the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND




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