Project "Stop Poverty" Nr. 08.3.1-ESFA-K-413


Project implementers:

Project Management and Training Center, Lithuanian Association of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Lithuanian Trade Union “Solidarumas”, Amber Investments.

Project period:

2018-07-01 2021-01-21

Project implementation area:

Šalčininkai, Širvintos, Švenčionys, Ukmergė and Elektrėnai districts municipalities

Objective of project:

to help the persons who facing social isolation of Vilnius County to integrate into the labor market.

Target groups of the project:

a persons released form imprisonment; unemployed and not learning persons; under the supervision of probation officers who have been sentenced to imprisonment but whose execution has been postponed; disabled people; Social risk families; Beneficiaries of social allowance.


Project "STOP POVERTY!" will be implemented in 5 municipalities of Vilnius county: Švenčionys, Šalčininkai, Širvintos, Ukmerge and Elektrėnai. The project activities are modeled in stages: the formation of target groups, Individual assessment (skills and expectations) of each individual in target group. Then will be prepared individuals activities plans witch will provides for general skills development, individual and group consultations - trainings, occupational guidance trainings, evaluations of profession competences and internship in business enterprises.

The final stage of the project activities is the assessment of operational and general competences of the target group of representatives in the context of the new non-formal employment Competency Certification System "Certificate of Occupational Competence". This system will be developed during the project with LPPARA and other social partners. The project will employ qualified coordinators, who will work with the target group, with the latest approaches in the field of social and employment integration. For that purpose the coordinators will  internship in the Catholic Academy of Latvia to develop new skills with the most vulnerable social groups by addressing their employment problems. The general target group of the project - 340 people, with at least 40% of these individuals will gain abilities /will be motivated/start actively to search for a job. Project duration: 36 months. The project will be implemented by specialists and experts from the applicant and partners.

The project is partly funded by the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND


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