Project Management and Training Center - Youth Information and Consultation (JIK) point


The Project Management and Training Center closely cooperates with the Council of Lithuanian Youth Organizations (LiJOT) and since June 2022 has become Youth Information and Consultation Points (JIK) even in two: Vilnius and Utena counties.

The main goal of Youth Information and Consultation (JIC) is to help young people navigate all aspects of their lives and encourage independent decision-making. It is impossible to make a firm decision without knowing all the available options and alternatives.

The main goals of JIK:
• provide reliable, accurate, and understandable information;
• provide access to different information sources and channels;
• prepare an overview of available opportunities on all topics of concern to young people;
• ensure that young people know their rights, and the services provided to them and understand how they can use them;
• to help evaluate and select quality information in times of information overload;
• encourage young people to make independent decisions and help them discover the best options for them;
• to offer different communication and communication channels in order to directly help young people in their search for information, expanding their knowledge;
• actively contribute to the promotion of information literacy among young people.


General information and youth consultation include the following topics:

• education (e.g. secondary, vocational education, study, language learning, non-formal education);

• rights and obligations of young people (e.g. as a citizen, individual, family member, consumer);

• Internet (information) literacy (e.g. searching for information, computer and Internet basics, Internet safety);

• free time and participation in social activities (e.g. summer camps, events, youth and youth organizations);

• issues of solving social problems (for example aid agencies);

• issues of providing psychological assistance;

• issues of health, mental and reproductive health of young people;

• youth financial literacy and entrepreneurship issues (e.g. personal finance management, responsible borrowing, starting a business);

• prevention of the use of addictive substances;

• youth employment issues (employment opportunities);

• the needs of young families (responsible parenthood) and housing.


Topics for specialized youth information and consultation:

• youth volunteering;

• non-formal education of youth;

• Youth employment and free time (activities of open youth centers, open youth spaces, mobile youth work, outdoor youth work services);

• youth empowerment and participation.


The points are:

Labdariu str. 5, Vilnius, Vilniaus apskritis;

Lusiu str. 21, Paluse, Utenos apskritis.


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