Educational sessions "I am a citizen of Lithuania: open, creative, responsible person"


Public Institution Project Management and Training Center since 1 September of 2019 became Ambassador of the Cultural Passport. 
We visit Lithuanian educational institutions, which have the possibility to use the cultural passport funds with the educational activity for grades 8-12 for students "I - Lithuanian citizen: open, creative, responsible person"
The non-traditional lesson "I - Lithuanian Citizen: an open, creative, responsible person" is a follow-up to the project "Be Citizen and Responsible".The project was implemented by the Project Management and Training Center together with the Police Department of the Republic of Lithuania under the Ministry of the Interior.
The aim of the non-traditional lesson "I - Lithuanian Citizen: An Open, Creative, Responsible Person" is to strengthen youth civic maturity and raise civic awareness, increase youth intolerance to corruption and participation in public governance processes.
Reservation of the non-traditional lesson "I - Lithuanian Citizen: Open, Creative, Responsible Person" through the Culture Passport system:
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