Capacity building of non-governmental sports organizations trough social sport iniciatives

Project number:  NGSLT-738

Project period:  July-November 2022.

The objective: to promote co-operation between Baltic and Nordic NGOs in the field of social integration through sports activities and competence building.

Project promoter:  Project Management and Training Center

Project partners: Lithuanian, Latvian, and Swedish sports organizations.


The project unites 4 NGO organizations from Lithuania, Latvia, and Sweden. In order to promote NGO cooperation in the field of social integration through sports and health activities, a training seminar for sports coaches and social workers and a sports event for 150 people will be organized during the program. The program will be implemented in Lithuania, and sports coaches and event participants will come from the countries covered by the program.

The project is unique in that it combines the experience of specialists in different fields working with socially vulnerable groups, and promotes the sharing of knowledge, exchange of experience, and professional development.

Target group: 1. Socially vulnerable group (children) who experience difficulties at school, pressure, discrimination, and social exclusion due to their social or family status. 2. Specialists: social workers and sports coaches, will be trained in the aspects of working with socially vulnerable children during the competence building event.

Participants' qualifications will be improved, experience and knowledge will be shared, and cooperation and expertise of NGOs from different countries in a specific area will be encouraged.


The project is partially financed by the "Nordic Council of Ministers' Grant Program for Nordic-Baltic Non-Governmental Organizations' (NGO) Cooperation 2022 Lithuania" program.
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