Project „Alternative Investment Detector (AID)“

The idea of the project "Let's go!"


Project promoter: European Social Fund Agency

Project partner: Public Institution Project Management and Training Center

Project target group: 60 (40 in the Elektrenai municipality, 20 in the Moletai municipality) persons of working age, who do not work or study and experience social difficulties.

The aim of the project: is to develop a model for the return to employment of people living in rural areas through mobile individual counselling and transportation services.

The project is implemented: in the territory of Elektrėnai municipality

Project duration: 12 months.

Project period: 2021 June - 2022 May.


Description of the implementation of the project idea


Project idea "Let's go!" is implemented in the territory of Elektrėnai and Moletai municipalities.

The project is intended for unemployed and uneducated people of working age who are experiencing social difficulties, including people with disabilities living in rural areas remote from the centre of Elektrenai municipality, where public transport services are not developed. In order for the project activity to be effective and so that the participants have the opportunity to travel to the workplace when they find a job, we will organize the transportation of the persons involved in the project to and from work.

Project activities are modelled in stages: the formation of target groups, an individual assessment of each person in the target group (needs, abilities and expectations). Then an individual plan for the integration of a person into the labour market is drawn up, which provides for the strengthening of general abilities, the formation of skills to return to the labour market, individual and group consultations - training, assessment of professional competencies. The final stage of the project is the integration of employment and the acquisition of practical skills in enterprises: meetings with employers, internships in enterprises, employment, contact with a working participant and employer.

For those who cannot leave their place of residence, craft training will be organized, which will give them the opportunity to sell their products on the platform. After assessing the motivation, initiative and progress of the participants, two participants will be reimbursed for the cost of the driving courses, and we will give one of them a bicycle as a means to work.

The general target group of the project is 60 people, not less than 40% of these people will acquire skills, become motivated, and will be integrated into the labor market.

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