Increasing employment through innovative creative forms of entrepreneurship promotion (InsertArt)

Project promoters:

Project Management and Training Center

Duration of the project:

12 months

Project implementation area:

Ignalina district municipality

The aim of the project:

 to expand social business opportunities in the Ignalina district by developing an innovative InsertArt platform

Target group of the project:

socially vulnerable people of working age, NGOs.



The project addresses a specific social problem by contributing to the reduction of social exclusion and poverty and the promotion of social inclusion and employment in rural areas, as well as promoting entrepreneurship among the population or persons in vulnerable groups.

The project's target group (106 persons) will include young people of working age up to the age of 29 (at least 56 persons).

The project activities will provide socially vulnerable working-age people with the knowledge and experience they need to start a creative business, provide them with the tools (opportunities to sell articles via the InsertArt online shop) and encourage more active community activities and cooperation.


The project is co-financed by the EAFRD and the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania.



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